Public-Private-Academia Partnerships - $10 million


public-private-academia-partnerships.jpg“The EY gift is supporting four related initiatives: recruiting more diverse students into the business school, providing a foundation for diversity and inclusion to all undergraduates entering the Mason School through course work, supporting faculty initiatives to promote these principles in subsequent classes and funding a campus-wide diversity symposium. All four of these initiatives are well underway.”

Jeanne Wilson, Brooks George Term Professor


As we look to the future of knowledge and work, it is increasingly important to create opportunities for students to interact with organizations and businesses that are known for innovating around emerging problems and entrepreneurial thinking. Partnerships with industries and corporations will invigorate our educational core and prepare our graduates to thrive professionally in a rapidly changing world.

Opportunities for Investment

  • Corporate and Industry Partnerships As W&M strives to expand research and internship opportunities for students and faculty, it is vital that we cultivate new and more entrepreneurial partnerships with business, industry andemployers from coast to coast and on the international stage. Partnerships with companies in a range of fields such as health care, technology, legal, financial, among many others, can greatly strengthen the experiences students have outside of the classroom and provide long-term collaborative opportunities that advance the mission of the university.
  • Whole of Government Center for Excellence The center’s mission is to provide mid-career public policy professionals and military officers in federal, state and local agencies practical training on interagency collaboration, complex national security and other public policy problems, and to support research into “Whole of Government” solutions to these challenges. In addition to educational opportunities, the Center brings together leaders from all levels of government and the military for symposia, discussions and projects to promote creative, collaborative solutions to emerging issues.
  • Global Research Institute The institute is a multidisciplinary hub that brings together practitioners and professionals who are experts in their fields with students who are at the beginning of their careers. Together, faculty, students and partners cultivate new ideas and bridge the divide between academia and practice.
  • Military Mondays William and Mary Law School's Lewis B. Puller, Jr. Veterans Benefits Clinic has partnered with Starbucks in creating "Military Mondays" at Starbucks.
  • EY Diversity and Inclusion This partnership between EY and The Raymond A. Mason School of Business supports and promotes diversity and inclusiveness.

Pride Points

Over the last few years, William & Mary has developed key partnerships with businesses and the public sector. Through these partnerships, several successful programs have been established, including:

While this is an area where we have made strides, it’s also an area where there remains great potential.