[Annual giving] is the most democratic form of philanthropy because all of us can participate, whether we have $5 or $50,000 to contribute. Joining in annual giving amounts to a vote each year for William & Mary.

- Taylor Reveley, President, William & Mary | Read More

Thanks to everyone who made a gift by June 30! Our mathematical wizards are busy calculating how many alumni participated in our bold cause. Until then, do you want to make a guess? #WMFortheBold


Since the launch of William & Mary’s For the Bold campaign, alumni participation has grown year after year and is on track to reach historic levels. So why does alumni participation matter? It matters because it impacts the value of a William & Mary degree — it increases in value as the institution rises higher in public regard — and it provides much-needed fuel for the university to continue to offer a high-caliber education for generations to come.  

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