Parents Fund for William & Mary

William & Mary’s reputation for excellence is legendary, but it doesn’t just happen by accident. Parents, grandparents and family members are partners in the exceptional education that the university provides for its students.

A crucial component of that partnership is the Parents Fund, a subsidiary of the Fund for William & Mary, which helps strengthen the university’s ability to offer students the most effective tools for lifelong growth and success. The Parents Fund supports W&M’s Student Success and Student Life Initiatives and provides for our students’ most urgent needs as well as the highest priorities of the university.

Supported Initiatives

From summer research and internship stipends to student leadership training and health and wellness programming, the Parents Fund provides the opportunity for William & Mary students to be part of a strong community and flourish as individuals.  Many don’t realize the tremendous depth and breadth of vital programs and initiatives that couldn’t exist without Parents Fund support. Take a moment to learn more about the initiatives the Parents Fund supports.

Parent & Family Council

We also invite you to consider joining the Parent & Family Council, a community of parent leaders that offers families unique opportunities to participate in the life of the university both in Williamsburg and within their own communities.

Giving Levels

The Parent & Family Council is not the only way to contribute to the Parents Fund and make a meaningful difference in the lives of students. Parents enjoy making an impact at a variety of giving levels and experience an enriched sense of community.

Senior Family Gift

Giving back is a long-standing William & Mary tradition, and a great way to celebrate your student's achievement and honor your graduate is to make a Senior Family Gift.


For more information about the Parents Fund for William & Mary, contact the Parent & Family Giving team.


Give Now to the Parents Fund for William & Mary


Parent Giving Levels

Your support of the Parents Fund at every level makes a number of programs possible that otherwise would not exist at William & Mary. Parents, grandparents and family members take great pride in knowing that they are enhancing the William & Mary experience for every single student when they make a gift to the Parents Fund.

Together with Parent & Family Programs, the Parents & Family Giving office provides opportunities to engage families at every giving level. Here is what you can expect as a part of the William & Mary donor community.

All families, regardless of giving, enjoy engaging with the university through:

  • Parent & Family Orientation
  • Family Weekend
  • A monthly Parent & Family Programs newsletter
  • Regular Parent & Family Programs webinars
  • A supportive network through the Parent & Family Facebook Group
  • Regional parent events and access to W&M regional networks
  • Cohen Career Center volunteer opportunities, such as hosting externships, internships, speaking engagements, and more

Additionally, donors are recognized through the following W&M giving societies:

  • Fourth Century Society (annual giving of $2,000 or more)
  • President’s Society (annual giving of $5,000 or more)
  • Green & Gold Society (annual giving of $10,000 or more)
  • Chancellor’s Society (annual giving of $25,000 or more)

Gifts to the Parents Fund support such programs as: