Student Veterans of William & Mary promote a sense of purpose and belonging for all military veterans at William & Mary through service to the community by coordinating charitable actions and other forms of civic engagement. In addition, our goals include being a driver of cultural change to improve the student experience for military veterans at W&M; bridge the civil-military divide; and achieve a representative and sustainable population of highly qualified undergraduate student veterans at W&M.

* Any Impact Week project funds remaining after June 30, 2021 will be used for SUA programming and student philanthropy educational initiatives at W&M.

Their Project

For Impact Week, we are partnering with Vetshouse Incorporated, a nonprofit organization that works with homeless veterans in the Hampton Roads area. It is not a shelter but a 12-month program providing contemporary living quarters in a group environment, assistance in job hunting, transportation, personal skills and development guidance. One out of four homeless people in the Hampton Roads area is a military veteran and the COVID-19 pandemic has likely exacerbated this rate. Our Impact Week funds would go towards purchasing items to donate to Vetshouse Inc. for distribution to homeless veterans in the Hampton Roads community.

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