A Tribute to Taylor Reveley

For the past 20 years, President Taylor Reveley has faithfully served our beloved William & Mary community. Taylor’s impeccable judgment, integrity and vision have helped William & Mary rise to new heights and become a university For the Bold. As his presidency draws to a close, we invite you to join us in celebrating his legacy.

There are several ways our Tribe family can honor Taylor’s extraordinary leadership — each reflects Taylor’s passion for William & Mary and will have a lasting impact on the university. They include the creation of a formal garden between Ewell Hall and Jefferson Hall, with improvements stretching all the way to Crim Dell, and the establishment of two scholarships — one for undergraduate students and another for law students. All three projects will bear his name.

We hope you will join us in recognizing Taylor’s exceptional leadership and commitment to William & Mary and her people by making a gift in his honor. Your support will ensure that Taylor’s remarkable legacy endures for all time coming while also benefiting William & Mary.

The Reveley Garden and Campus Beautification Project

reveley-garden-watercolor.jpegSince Taylor first took the helm, he and his wife, Helen, have demonstrated an abiding commitment to campus beautification. To further this goal, we are establishing the Reveley Garden and enhancing the natural beauty of surrounding areas. In the 1920s, famed landscape architect Charles F. Gillette, who designed the Sunken Garden precinct, proposed the creation of a formal garden to connect the “new” women’s campus with the historic campus. Funding did not allow for the realization of Gillette’s vision, and this one-acre space between Ewell and Jefferson Halls remained undeveloped. Gillette’s plans recently reemerged and, thanks in large part to Helen Reveley’s support and enthusiasm, there has been renewed interest in bringing the garden to life and beautifying this area of campus.

With your help, and in partnership with the Garden Club of Virginia, work can commence as early as spring 2018 to create the Reveley Garden’s terrace, pathways, beds and plantings. Additional funds may also be directed to support the larger project, including the enhancement of the greenway between the Reveley Garden and Crim Dell and the restoration of Crim Dell’s beloved pathways and the planting of native species. All of these efforts are being undertaken to improve landscape conservation and watershed management, so that the beauty of these spaces will endure.

We are excited by the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation’s recent $350,000 Challenge Grant requiring us to raise $700,000 to meet the challenge by November 2018.

We hope to raise a minimum of $2.5 million to complete the entire campus beautification project, including the Reveley Garden and supporting endowment.





W. Taylor Reveley, III Scholarship

Through the William & Mary Promise and the For the Bold campaign, Taylor has done much to increase financial support for generations of William & Mary students. He has an inherent understanding about the power of scholarships to change lives, to enhance the caliber of the Alma Mater of the Nation and to fuel her legacy of leadership in the world. As a tribute to his efforts to ensure every bright mind admitted to the university has the ability to attend and reach their full potential, the W. Taylor Reveley, III Scholarship for undergraduate students has been established. It is fitting to have Taylor’s name attached to a scholarship that so fully embodies the ideals for which both the university and his presidency have stood.

The goal for the endowment for the W. Taylor Reveley, III Scholarship is $1.5 million.





W. Taylor Reveley, III Law Scholarship

Taylor’s lifelong dedication to the law and to legal scholarship was the driving force behind the creation of the W. Taylor Reveley, III Law Scholarship. This endeavor honors Taylor’s distinguished decade-long tenure as the law school’s dean and his ardent support for helping talented law students access a world-class education at William & Mary. It has always been important to Taylor that students can fully engage in their educational experience without burden. Donations supporting this scholarship will afford that opportunity to future generations of citizen lawyers who pursue their passion at the first law school in the nation.

The goal for the endowment for the W. Taylor Reveley, III Law Scholarship is $500,000.