Impact Opportunities

Private support provides critical resources to meet our evolving needs, and we are enormously grateful to those in our community who are giving during these challenging times. To facilitate this wonderful desire to provide assistance, we have gathered a list of funds that can be put to immediate use.

In difficult periods like these, we are reminded of the resilience, strength and compassion of our W&M community. With your help, we can directly impact our students, faculty, staff and alumni in ways that will enhance their W&M experience. Please consider offering your support.

W&M stands together to condemn the violation of individual rights, to name our grief and outrage and to support peaceful protest. Read more about specific actions the university is taking at

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Diversity and Inclusion Fund (3980)

Supports the most pressing needs of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, which is committed to creating a university community that is representative and inclusive of individuals with different backgrounds, talents, and skills.

Support Diversity and Inclusion

Center for Student Diversity (1946)

Supports the Center for Student Diversity at William & Mary, which strives to enhance the success of students both in and out of the classroom and to create a climate on campus that is inclusive and welcoming to all students.

Support the CSD

Lemon Project Memorial to the Enslaved (4223)

Supports the construction of a memorial on campus which will recognize and honor the enslaved people who lived and worked at William & Mary.

Support the Memorial

Lemon Project Fund (3527)

Supports the Lemon Project, a multifaceted and dynamic attempt to rectify wrongs perpetrated against African Americans by William & Mary through action or inaction.

Support the Lemon Project

Scholarships Impact Fund (0158)

Provides immediate-use scholarship support to students with financial need to lessen the economic burden during this challenging time.

Support Scholarships

Fund for William & Mary (0900)

Is the university's largest source of unrestricted funds to meet pressing needs and priorities such as financial assistance and general operating support.

Support the University

HEART (Health, Emergencies, And Resources for the Tribe) Fund (4681) 

Provides financial assistance to meet unexpected needs of W&M students for a wide range of emergency situations.

Support Students at W&M

Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation (4774)

Provides support for our faculty’s most immediate needs as they work to re-tool their teaching and enhance learning initiatives and innovations in an online environment.

Support Teaching & Learning Innovation

Area-Specific Needs

Arts & Sciences Annual Fund (1413)

Provides flexible support for departments and programs, and help promote excellence across Arts & Sciences as a whole. The fund enables A&S to respond quickly to emerging needs in areas such as coursework, teaching tools or equipment.

Athletic Director's Strategic Initiatives Fund (4650)

Supports W&M Athletics' ability to be flexible in the accommodation of the needs of student-athletes during this time when it is essential to provide funding for their overall safety and wellbeing.

International Student Scholarship Fund (3568)

Supports the W&M international student community through direct student financial assistance for many uses including emergency grants.

Law School Annual Fund (2047)

Supports Law School students to meet academic and individual needs related to potential financial challenges.

Mason School of Business Annual Fund (0499)

Enables the Business School to meet current student needs and provide immediate infrastructure development to enhance the virtual student learning experience, faculty resources, community enrichment and program support.

Parents Fund (0901)

Supports Student Success and Student Life Initiatives at the university, including health and wellness initiatives, internships, leadership training and more, and provides for the most urgent needs of our students.

School of Education Fund for Excellence (2706)

Supports tomorrow’s leaders in education through assisting with needed academic and student life resources to navigate current challenges.

Virginia Institute of Marine Science Dean & Director’s Fund (4023)

Supports immediate VIMS community needs as well as essential resources for faculty and students.

W&M Libraries Make a Difference Fund (3108)

Enables the Libraries to meet pressing needs, including the support of flexible and continuous access to technology resources as well as multimedia and digital learning and research materials for the entire W&M community.

William & Mary Alumni Association Fund (3056)

Formerly the Alumni Leadership Fund. Supports a variety of events, resources and initiatives focused on strengthening alumni’s lifelong relationships with each other and William & Mary, including regional networking, career development, and affinity and identity programs.


Support a unit