W&M Fraternity & Sorority Alumni Challenge

Fraternity & Sorority Life at William & Mary has always been vibrant. There’s something extra special about being a part of it — because it will always be a part of who you are; no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Being in your Greek-lettered organization likely brought you closer to your Tribe community, enabled you to create lasting bonds with fellow members and provided experiences to support those around you.

For the first time ever, William & Mary is launching a Fraternity & Sorority Alumni Challenge, which will provide an opportunity for the more than 24,000 alumni who are members of social fraternities and sororities to enrich the lives of students in their chapter. Over 35 percent of Greek alumni gave to the university last year — our goal is to increase alumni participation in this area and to bolster support for your Greek organization.

By giving to the newly created Fraternity & Sorority Life Fund, you will be supporting leadership opportunities, programming and experiences that will create memories that last a lifetime. In this challenge, you can also give to any department or area at the university you are most passionate about. No matter where you give, every donation counts toward overall participation and dollars raised for your alma mater.

Your donation will allow your chapter to rise in the ranks and could ultimately help it win the challenge. Make a gift today and help your chapter win!


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Current Standings

Top 5 Fraternities

  1. Theta Delta Chi
  2. Alpha Epsilon Pi
  3. Kappa Sigma
  4. Alpha Phi Alpha
  5. Lambda Chi Alpha

Top 5 Sororities

  1. Pi Beta Phi
  2. Kappa Kappa Gamma
  3. Delta Delta Delta
  4. Chi Omega
  5. Kappa Alpha Theta