The goal of the Cabell Challenge is to raise $1.5 million for new science equipment to enhance the education of over 2,000 students annually and maintain our standing as one of the best undergraduate science programs in the country. Thanks to a generous match from the Cabell Foundation, your gift will have an even bigger impact on student and faculty research that can help address some of society’s most pressing issues.

Your donation will help William & Mary nurture and inspire the next generation of gifted young scientists.


William & Mary’s ability to offer its students and faculty top-notch research opportunties hinges on access to state-of-the-art science equipment. For this reason, it is essential to update equipment for neuroscience, molecular biology, environmental sciences and other exciting interdisciplinary programs that face increasing demands on teaching and research.

The new equipment will be housed in a third wing of the Integrated Science Center (ISC), which will open in fall 2016 and feature 66,000 square feet of new labs, classrooms and offices. The expanded ISC complex will support teaching excellence and research conducted by students and faculty in the departments of chemistry, biology, psychology and applied science.

Innovative Research

Recruiting Top Faculty

Increasing Grant Funding

Admission to Graduate and Medical Schools

Success in STEM Careers


The Cabell Foundation has made a generous challenge grant of $500,000 toward our $1.5 million goal. William & Mary is committed to raising $1 million in matching funds pledged by December 31, 2016, so that we can better prepare thousands of students each year for success in graduate and medical education. Funds raised through the Cabell Challenge will allow the university to purchase over 40 pieces of equipment, which can give undergraduates training in the latest techniques of microanalysis, microscopy, gene sequencing and computational modeling.


70 percent of W&M undergraduates participate in mentored research with a faculty member or take a course in which research is a primary component.

25 percent of W&M students major in science or math, which is double the national average.

W&M is ranked fourth-highest among all public universities in the percentage of students who go on to earn science Ph.D.s.



If you have any questions or would like to designate a gift to a certain department or ISC program,
please contact Annie Davis in the Office of University Advancement at or 757-221-1604.