We find great strength in numbers. Last year, 12,770 donors raised a collective $2.5 million on One Tribe One Day. The impact has been extraordinary.

In 2018, One Tribe One Day:

  • Enabled the William & Mary Alumni Association to provide more alumni with greater and enhanced Yule Log ceremonies in the U.S. and around the world.
  • Funded a training seminar to all Mason faculty members about the Assurance of Learning process. This process oversees and monitors our progress in teaching students business fundamentals in the classroom and is evaluated every five years as the business school seeks accreditation.
  • Helped sponsor faculty searches at the business school. The Mason School hired seven new faculty members last year. Private support provides needed funds to attract the very best candidates and enables the business school to host them on campus for several days. For each search, three to five candidates were all brought to campus using private support.
  • Supported the business school’s Executive in Residence program. Executives are invited to campus for a two-day period of time where they speak in classrooms and have small group sessions with students to discuss relevant topics in industry and leadership.
  • Funded a peer student tutor for students who need special assistance in accounting.
  • The music department raised $7,600 from 115 donors for a new pipe organ. The organ will be installed in the new music building in 2020.
  • Enabled the law school to surpass their $70 million campaign goal two years early and provided needed funds for scholarships.
  • Over $151,000 has been raised through the Scholarships Impact Fund on OTOD since 2014. To put this into perspective, William & Mary’s average amount of undergraduate scholarship support has been approximately $15,000. We have funded a total of 10 annual scholarships, thanks to support on OTOD.