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University Actions

What does it mean for us to live fully into our values as a university? In this learning community where deep human connection lies at the heart of who we are, what does it mean for William & Mary staff, faculty, students, alumni, and supporters to be empowered to “make a meaningful difference in our communities, the state, the nation, and the world,” as our values statement asserts? Read more about the actions the university is taking in President Rowe's June 8 message.

Initiatives Transforming Teaching & Learning

The following list contains just a few of the university's current efforts to transform teaching and learning at William & Mary:

Center for Student Diversity

The Center for Student Diversity at William & Mary strives to enhance the success of students both in and out of the classroom and to create a climate on campus that is inclusive and welcoming to all students.

We, the Center for Student Diversity, pledge to help interweave diversity and inclusion within the fabric of our 327-year-old institution by partnering with academic classes, sharing resources and increasing dialogues, workshops and training with student organizations. Students can actively engage with the Center by volunteering and we are always looking for alumni to facilitate dialogues and workshops. – Dr. Kimberly L. Weatherly, Assistant Dean and Director of the Center for Student Diversity

COLL 350

COLL 350 centers course content and discussion on "Difference, Equity, and Justice." This curriculum requirement enhances students’ knowledge and facilitates their critical analysis of the workings of power, privilege and inequity in U.S. society and globally, past and present.

Through COLL 350, we are confronting structural racism and bias head-on. Faculty members have adapted classes already addressing equity and justice and are developing new courses that explore the ways structural biases manifest within a particular field and how that affects which questions are asked, which research is funded, and what we know about the world. Our Student Pedagogical Partners work closely with faculty to create challenging and inclusive classrooms in which these important, nuanced discussions take place. This approach is transforming the way our students and faculty engage in teaching and learning together. – Chris Nemacheck, Associate Professor of Government and Director of the Center for Liberal Arts

The Lemon Project and Memorial to the Enslaved

The Lemon Project is a multifaceted and dynamic attempt to rectify wrongs perpetrated against African Americans by William & Mary through action or inaction. An ongoing endeavor, this program will focus on contributing to and encouraging scholarship on the 300-year relationship between African Americans and W&M, and building bridges between the university and Williamsburg and Greater Tidewater area. It is also creating a Memorial to the Enslaved to recognize and honor the enslaved people who lived and worked at William & Mary.

The Lemon Project will transform teaching and learning by making research findings public and available to W&M faculty, staff and students, and the community at large. This information will go a long way toward the development of syllabi, lectures, papers and family research. Others may get involved by contacting The Lemon Project Team at events, through social media and our email lemon@wm.edu. – Jody Allen, Assistant Professor of History and Director of the Lemon Project

Office of Diversity & Inclusion

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion is committed to creating a university community that is representative and inclusive of individuals with different backgrounds, talents and skills. It will be actively involved in advancing the faculty hiring initiative and in developing the toolkit and training for W&M leaders outlined in President Rowe’s message to the community on June 8, 2020.

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion will transform teaching and learning by partnering with the Studio for Teaching and Learning Innovation to provide cultural competency training for faculty, expand inclusive pedagogy and share innovative ways to create a more welcoming classroom experience for diverse learning styles. In addition, we will also provide multiple platforms that encourage sustained dialogue and civil discourse on evolving topics related to inclusion and equity. – Chon Glover, Chief Diversity Officer


Scholarships are the top priority of the For the Bold campaign and will continue to be a top priority after the campaign ends on June 30. Every exceptional student admitted to William & Mary should have the opportunity to attend and to reach his or her full potential without financial burden.

Every gift of every size to scholarships helps opens the door to William & Mary for students who otherwise may not choose it or be able to afford it. Scholarships augment learning by attracting talent from all corners and ensuring that we have a student body composed of individuals whose experiences with one another teach some of the most valuable and lasting lessons that come from a William & Mary education. – Henry Broaddus, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives & Public Affairs

Studio for Teaching and Learning Innovation

The Studio for Teaching and Learning Innovation offers faculty, students and staff from across disciplines opportunities to collaborate with one another and learn about diverse modes of teaching and learning as well as new technologies.

The Studio for Teaching and Learning Innovation primarily focuses on nurturing community, catalyzing academic innovation, and collaborating to advance university priorities. We are committed to providing instructors and co-educators with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to deliver the world-class education that our students deserve and expect. With innovation at our core, we will continue to lead learning communities, solve challenges we encounter, and explore new opportunities to engage students. To get involved, consider giving to our fund to support our Teaching & Learning or Academic Innovation Initiatives. – Mark Hofer, Professor of Educational Technology and Co-director for the Center for Innovation in Learning Design