Amplify your impact by making a gift on One Tribe One Day

All day long we have a series of challenges you can participate in.

What's at stake if we don’t meet all of our challenges on OTOD?

$690,000 is at stake.

Here’s how the challenges work:

Every single person making a gift on OTOD will be counted toward donor challenges throughout the day. Once a challenge is met, several generous donors will contribute a significant amount of dollars to all things that make William & Mary great. So in effect, they are challenging you to make a gift — of any amount — so that we can raise an additional $690,000 from them on OTOD.

Here are the challenges YOU can help us meet:

Donor Milestone Challenges 

1,693 donors who make a gift = an additional $40,000 to William & Mary.
Charter Challenge, sponsored by an anonymous donor

4,000 donors who make a gift = an additional $75,000 to William & Mary.
Kurland Challenge, sponsored by Leanne Dorman Kurland ’75, P ’05 and Alex Kurland P ’05

8,000 donors who make a gift = an additional $100,000 to William & Mary.
Southwick-Suchar Challenge, sponsored by Elizabeth “Betty” Suchar ’65, James T. Southwick ’82 and Solace Southwick

13,000 donors who make a gift = $200,000 to William & Mary.
McLeod-Tyler Challenge, sponsored by Elizabeth “Bee” McLeod ’83, M.B.A. ’91 and J. Goodenow “Goody” Tyler III HON ’11, and their niece Mariel McLeod ’15

Daylong Challenges
Social Media Challenge

After you make a gift, proudly share on social using the hashtag #OneTribeOneDay. Each public post of the hashtag on April 16 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will earn one dollar, up to an additional $5,000 for the university.
Sponsored by Will Payne ’01

Fill the Map Challenge

Gifts received from donors in each U.S. state will turn the map green. Once we have representation from every state, $20,000 is unlocked.
Sponsored by the Annual Giving Board of Directors at William & Mary

One Tribe One Dunk Tank Challenge

Make a gift and vote to save the faculty or staff member most endearing to you. The faculty or staff members with the least votes will get dunked. Bonus: you can watch it live on Facebook AND an additional $50,000 will be unlocked for this dunking challenge.
Sponsored by an anonymous donor

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School & Unit Challenge

$15,000 will be awarded to schools or units winning the following categories: most donors, most new donors and most improved from OTOD in 2018. $5,000 will be awarded for honorable mention.
Sponsored by Sue Hanna Gerdelman '76 and John Gerdelman '75

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Parent & Family Council Challenge

2,500 parents who make a gift = an additional $100,000 to William & Mary